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tv   [untitled]    March 30, 2011 12:00am-12:30am EDT

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more civilian deaths reported in libya as nato continues airstrikes against government targets and rebels are forced to treat over dumbass i think counter-offensive. security services in europe the libyan ex-pats people through the lens through terrorism educated conspiring with our own kind. and israeli businessmen trapped in georgia it's a court decision says he's been set up other government boy eight hundred million dollars into him and.
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their well live from moscow twenty four hours a day welcome to watty powerful explosions have been heard in tripoli and they've been capital faced from bugman for the eleventh night running the government says more civilians were killed in the interest and then strikes for the eastern rebel forces are being pushed out of recently captured territory. his hometown by heavy counter offensive as the latest from a different type of. there with we are now explosions here in the capital city of tripoli i was actually indoors when it happened and i continue that we have windows of the building visibly shocked and as i'm speaking to you we hear in a few gunshots just coming to my right now it's not only tripoli but also the city of misrata that has been hit increasingly so by these coalition planes this also is the last rebel held stronghold in the west of libya but the latest reports
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interests of the rebels all forced using ground it's very difficult as foreign journalists to ascertain exactly what's happening in misrata because the fighting there has been going on for almost a month and we have simply been able to enter the downtown area of the city the doctors there telling us that it is already days that we can still talk ran out of medical supplies but they have been forced to turn patients away that government snipers are standing on the roofs of buildings and literally shooting at anything that needs and that some of the government times that all shelling actually shelling into residential areas now one of this is happening on the one hand there's this war of arms and ammunition there is another bill that's taking place parallel to it and this is the propaganda it is interesting that the pentagon has been giving almost day here comes in terms of its operations here in libya but only now has it made mention of its propaganda claims and these are essentially planes that fly over in battle towns and cities they drop leaflets and they bore cross
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messages urging people to stop supporting gadhafi to lay down arms and to return home it doesn't really seem to be anything besides of on the horizon surfin off now in terms of the front line which keeps shifting just forty eight hours ago it certainly looked as if the rebels were making a quick advance ultimately here on the capital city of tripoli not only have they been stopped at gadhafi stronghold of sirte but they're not actually being pushed back and the latest word we have is that they are in the town of windsor watch but even those kind of reports keep changing every few hours with some record suggesting that they've actually been pushed even further back to russia and greg. the problem with the rebels is that they simply do not have enough weapons not only that but that the britons they do have are insufficient and old and this is why we hear rebels warning to the international community to not go bark stick up the airstrikes and number to supply them with more weapons they want to play all the saving reinforcements of these weapons on the egyptian border we're also hearing that as gadhafi forces would treat and as they want to wait in face of impending is
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fight they leave a lot of weapons and ammunition behind that the rebels are enabled to take and use themselves but certainly in the opposition need is very much a hoping that they will be a willingness expressed obviously national community to continue to be involved in the company here because certainly without that international involvement the rebels really do not stand a chance of ever reaching tripoli. the representatives from the libyan rebels are seeking what military assistance from the coalition front says it's ready to talk about supplying arms and statements by the country's foreign minister kamal conference in about thirty minutes from. her discuss directly or because the u.n. resolution for its own supplies to the rebels president barack obama has also made it clear that make us. unique institute of islamic political thought so there is disagreement between the insurgents and those
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deciding their future. some of the members of this international coalition. have already discounted gaddafi and his regime and recognized the leaders of the rebels as the legitimate representatives of the libyan people and i remember that this started with a very limited mandate to impose a no fly zone and then very quickly progressed into bombardment of. gaddafi forces in order to tilt the balance in favor of the rebels or the revolutionaries and now there is talk about removing gadhafi altogether and this is not something that everybody agrees on or everybody has a clear vision as to how it could proceed but i think one of the signs of the lack of consensus is the fact there representatives of the rebels although they are in london have not been invited to the meeting and that just shows that there is no
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agreement to recognize them all to even deal with the. u.s. congressman dennis kucinich says the bombings that are reportedly caused civilian deaths and possible humanitarian crisis have been carried out by the u.s. unconstitutionally. since congress wasn't consulted on whether to go to war and i think the only real power congress has here to assert itself as the people's representative is to stop funding you can do it with a few leaders but there are five hundred thirty five members of congress the constitution of the united states makes it abundantly clear that the war powers is put in the hands of the congress this is not an academic issue by the way because what we have is a president who basically is assumed as a matter of executive privilege the war power the bombing that has occurred through it and in large no fly zone where the no fly zone mandate was expanded to
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go after these troops and then expand it further to help the rebels as they move towards tripoli there's no way you can avoid civilian casualties and so what we're doing here is enlarging humanitarian crisis with more people becoming refugees with more civilians put at risk of injury or death to the bombing. and get information from our correspondents in the tribal region you can read that first time thoughts it's with the stream and facebook page for your reports for the stories having had so it's easy. it's.
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a new case secret service and i follow it has a growing concerns that would be in exports of plotting terrorist attacks in britain according to reports it would be seen as revenge for bombing raids on the plane countries on as mission more. of a look so all of these threats could be connected to our own kind. e.u. countries have taken a leading role in forcing the u.n. resolution but their efforts all the way over in libya now threaten to bring conflict right to their very own back door was a list claim colonel gadhafi now has little other weapons left in his armory an overseas terror he's faced repeated accusations that he ordered look at the bombing that killed two hundred seventy mostly westerners experts say some countries are particularly in the firing line three leading countries of the offensive of the
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operation between u.k. in. the states of course the only option he has really is to use terror so i think little choice today it's a clear i could in prison venture today i mean there is need in the coming weeks but you backing for anti gadhafi rebels could backfire further rebel leaders include the libyan islamic fighting group and associates of al qaida and the casualties mounting every day from allied bombing and make fertile recruiting ground for anti western forces there are agents of ok that berkeley well in v.b. at that at not fear of chaos. i am sure. e.u. muslims protest against nato bombing of libya the organizer says people should prepare for the worst.
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attack. the invasion of iraq led to a surge in terror attacks in the e.u. almost two hundred people died in the madrid train bombings in two thousand and four while suicide bombers killed fifty two people in london in two thousand and five officials now dread similar results in the wake of this campaign western intelligence reports chris activity among suspected terrorist cells indicating the threat of attack is why one officer told all to e.u. terrorists strike is now just a question of time. brussels. but it's day in people the bells cross talk debate share his guests discuss how successful it was in libya. with the other interventions like iraq they didn't have an exit strategy but this one didn't seem to have an entry strategy either.
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to japan now where the government is considering the construction of a containment shell but a damaged fukushima nuclear power plant. crisis that is still described as grave the plan that would involve the three most badly damaged reactors being covered. you know. radiation water near the site is now said to be around three and a half thousand times. workers have you know successfully trying to restore cooling system a city that is no worst crisis since. last year since there are parallels with that disaster twenty five years ago. good morning is a very very dangerous and harmful substance you know in very small quantities
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of plutonium leventis ingested by a human body it will almost certainly leads to rule of cancer there's no concept oh to what he taught in whole foods or the radioactive fuel which will radiate from many many many thousands of years what we know from the information provided by a already lost we are already a significant amount of subs the radio because that's where it might be to a situation where we can compare it to journal and. it will come from the amount of release of radioactive substances plus that is that there is a danger of the release of plutonium. cartoon so that's the our fair city has traveled the chernobyl exclusion zone to find out whether nature and science are covering that isn't this report for the area a bad catastrophe. exactly twenty five years ago what is now an absolutely lifeless
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ghost town of prepared in ukraine was a bustling scene this was not only the pride of the soviet union in terms of construction something of a role model of a perfect town but also it was one of its biggest secrets towns like guides were called or a nuclear city and they were restricted only to the nuclear power plant workers and some military personnel and security service men is nowadays part of the chernobyl exclusion zone and it is believed to be very unsafe to live here in terms of radiation levels this is the place where the authorities made their first fatal mistake this is called the death bridge it connects the chernobyl nuclear power station and the closest town of people that when the explosion happened nobody knew what was going on in the very first hours so the authorities set up a security checkpoint in order to avoid anyone leaving the city and entering the contaminated area the security checkpoint was at the very end of this bridge nobody knew how much radiation was emitted and most of the policemen who were working at
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this security checkpoint died in the first days after the explosion there's a lot of misperception and misunderstanding concerning the levels of radiation in the chernobyl area or how dangerous it is here many speculate as to whether the land is populated with mutants or the levels the radiation would be able to kill a human being within minutes or even seconds now i'm walking in the central part of people right now and my radiation meter shows the level of around a hundred and forty my corona inspire our this is of course about five seven times more than the normal human level and it may sound scary to some but this still is a radiation would not kill a human being but in some parts of the parents radiation levels go much much higher this is now around three hundred twenty micro wrong in which is more than fifteen times more than the normal human level of radiation but if we just take a little walk to this layer of moss on the ground you'll see that there. ideation level will go dramatically higher now this layer of morse is one of the most
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dangerous spots and keep it intact and it adds like a radioactive sponsor if we put radiation meter on it you can see and you can even hear how frantic the radiation meter goes and the numbers are increasing rapidly. some may say that this is very dangerous for for human health but some specialists told me on many occasions that in order to get some kind of harm to your body to to maybe even get the first stages of radiation sickness you have to literally just sit in the slayer for a week or so and only then you will feel some harm to your body in the fallout period of many nuclear particles still remaining in this area amounts to several thousand years only few of them actually started their fall out period twenty five years since the chernobyl accident should anything like that happen at the fukushima nuclear reactor the insider fifty sixty maybe even seventy kilometer radius would be evacuated that is according to some experts because literally all
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this land for the exclusion zone in ukraine will images will remain until the end of times as this land will never be inhabited again alexi russia still i'll see reporting from the chernobyl exclusion zone in ukraine. and that story and many more not. including still on track and field readings and evidence on one. of these. right on searches on you and you can. ask them if. if . in georgia and israeli investor one hundred million dollars budget wouldn't
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government has found himself behind bars as he waits a court verdict only food since trial for the bribery says he was set up because of the money and children which survives thanks to from the capital his adept at the ring investment it's are to his only son now reports of money coming into georgia and something else to stay. you might not know exactly where the small caucus country years georgia the crossroads of europe and asia are chances are if you watch major global news networks you've seen investing in georgia ads. if you are. not of magnets are investing in georgia capitals even getting a trump tower of its own when businessmen should be we're getting trapped e.t.c turned to spend millions trying to get the world to know it on a mission to cut corruption but why that is wrong the folks and israeli businessman
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who torture owes almost four hundred million dollars been sitting in jail for almost six months with nobel in march twenty eighth and ronnie foods one are ninety eight million dollars payout from the georgian government for a breached agreement on construction of an oil pipeline no payment was made instead he was arrested going about he was. paying one hundred dollars when they were instructed by. a lot of information and process was conducted on the world. release he is alleged to have set up a street arresting food bribery charges after luring him on a visit to georgia was for the denver understand what was happening i thought that if they're going to. take before it. would be. a. plot behind it good food store it was a trip to georgia and the sixteen year just weaken official invitation from the
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country's prime minister turned out to be a one way ticket to prison there was in fact a. cooperation a collaboration between four important ministries of the government and probably with the approval of the president of the ministry of. announce the ministry of justice the ministry of the interior and the prime minister's office all of which came together with the plan to and prolific after the businessman was arrested what could be called a ransom was put on the table fuchs was informed through diplomatic channels that he would not be released until the arbitration award was waived georgian human rights activist during a broken system that is cracked at the very top but is a national sacrifice really does not want an independent court system the prosecutor's office dominates the law and the police are the main power and political pressure instrument in the country still that this is something folks as
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us warriors are more than aware of the odds of his succeeding in georgia are very very slim and point zero one percent so it's a good warning to businessmen who are thinking of investing in georgia that they should think twice and that they should be were making their legal battle not about winning but warning others not to tango we could really see and use in our way our tea. there are some other international stories making headlines this hour. south korea cross-member thousands gathered a little sort of by. the side step. so they need to appreciate your survival rate to shootings are exhausted right into the on rest explosion or mission in the suddenness of general hundreds of people they're going to be an injured player and
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her child will seize balance and group was in the process of being looted by civilians for cigarettes as of spotless. hundreds of tourists have been stranded on the result out in the southern thailand after five days of rain was once for thirty two airports have suspended operations and definitely going to build closures of course not looking words on a promising bridges all heavy rain is expected over the next few games. in the ivory coast forces loyal to the internationally recognized president on a sunday tomorrow so his then you've taken control of several major cities incumbent presidents on a rug over a few years to see the office at this point above a consensus that he lost his election the country is already truly has split the generals in the world both presidents are speaking out the u.n. refugee agency is warning of a massive spill over all organs and thinking oh god what if we're gone it's
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winston's. coming up in just over an hour it's nicknamed a box of ice pellets bad god and all russia within the reach of its indigenous peoples the word alaska means a great amount. it's the secret incursion into the country. by means of. tradition the language. but this is the first to be copied. and culture. are still unaware of what's going on in the. city that's been. struck up so all of this is that with.
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thanks for staying with us here on r.t. and welcome to the business news for this hour russia is one of the few places in the world where the web search engine google has struggled to establish its dominance russian own yandex is three times more popular its key advantage is the ability to deal with the complexity of the russian language while also offering a ride range of web services but the head of google russia says the company is still developing in this country. a resource for users from birth should be aware of them when they'd be a repeat of a mind to bring her here or to russia or all of the products and services look for worldwide for all users customers imposer printers the broader us is remember simple through agreed to go through him before he was a group. of established offices here rick
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a few products right among the least use quoted. at the same moment which are we will screen see for example u.s. or western europe. now let's have a look at how the stock markets are performing asian markets are on the rise driving the regional benchmark index higher for the first time in three days japanese shares rallied on the news that some major national companies like hitachi n.s.a. motors would resume production following the disastrous earthquake nikkei is up almost two percent this hour hong kong stocks also got a lift spurred on by overnight gains on wall street and strong earnings reports from several companies including hatchets and the agricultural bank of china hang seng rose one point seven percent. and here in russia the markets or a correction on negative news from abroad on tuesday both the r.t.s. and the my six lost one and a half percent on closing. the russian stocks could see a rally on grain say after posting losses on tuesday mark rubenstein from i have
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seen metropole explains. today we might see. some bones bag and some. name picking and choosing to throw in the correction yesterday that so overall i think today is going to be a positive day we don't have employment data from a.d.p. corp it's an american company that works with private payrolls and this is a geeky data is always good for a course or two their main employment report that's coming out this friday eve the number comes out ok better than expected that's certainly going to help the market also the market today's into spading for their corporate reports from russian majors have. and are solid reporting earnings. russia's two billion dollars sovereign from to attract direct foreign investment
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may be in place as quickly as june this year the head of russia's state development bank says investors abroad are welcoming the idea. it's not just important we've gained support from the leading private unsoldered investment firms including abu dhabi and the investment corporation of china for employees support the idea of cutting that's one and they're ready for it. and that's all the business news we have for this hour join us for more than an hour's time.
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it's the secret incursion into the country. it's the invasion by means of. tradition the language still you miss the first peek could be totally. in culture. the thing is that the how the germans are still unaware of what's going on in their mind is the last of them i do . like a good thing about alaska the great. an arche.
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more news today violence is once again flared up. and these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. giant corporations are on the day . disarming saddam hussein. charge of iraqi citizens. this event brings further assurance that the torture chambers and the secret police are gone forever. play flies again over our embassy in kabul. cherish too much occupied afghanistan. now occupy sales at guantanamo bay. given that.
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it is appropriate to get a record and as much as we can with the geneva. face lab studies life if you can should do nothing so that it shocks them especially if it gets slower because you don't actually break any bones. to deter gaze into a piece that we use in one tom for the senior leadership of. the. police transfer some.


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